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Cliff Jensen

Hair: Brunette

Height: 6 ft 3 in (191 cm)

Weight: 192 lbs (87 kg)

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If you want a romantic Italian stallion from the dirty South to get your dick in a homo frenzy, then you need some awesome Cliff Jensen action. He’s a take-no-shit, all muscles and tats, bad-ass homeboy who can suck a dick and drill a butthole like he was born to do it. Of course, what else could a ripped bro like Cliff ever dream of doing if not destroying man ass in some of the sweatiest gay fuck films we’ve ever laid our eyes on. Cliff was born and raised a military brat, so growing up, he got to ogle sailors and soldiers, and watch men get along without the ladies. What a perfect upbringing for a future gay porn superstar who could give a twitch to even the straightest guy’s Johnson. All those early-morning jogging sessions, push-ups, obstacle courses and group showers surely turned Cliff’s mind into one hot house of boy-on-boy love fantasies. Cliff can love them and leave them, but in the end, what he does best is simply fuck the hell out of them. He always makes sure to get his turn, too, and opens up his pristine man hole to take in some of the thickest and longest cocks in the gay porn biz. Give Cliff Jensen a wad of guy goo for dessert and he’ll go home one happy camper.

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